Into Kings at Dawn

Into King’s at Dawn
Originally uploaded by alexbrn

Path heading into King’s College Cambridge, taken during a very rosy autumn dawn. HDR.

Again, the tree on the left is useful to cover up the unsightly scaffolding on the chapel. 






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  • Lars Marius Garshol

    11/18/2008 2:41:32 AM |

    I think I liked the second one (from two days ago) best of the HDRs, with this one in second place. I find HDRs tend to lack contrast, making them look kind of washed-out. That's just personal preference, though.

    I liked it that you showed the three input images on the first post. Wouldn't have minded seeing that again here. Smile

  • intersindo

    1/9/2009 3:50:40 PM |

    Good shot photo..Alex.

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