OOXML BRM - What Matters? 
2008-01-24, 12:49
As the BRM nears (one month from now I will be in Geneva) I have been busy working with ISO/IEC officials to make sure the meeting mechanisms are sufficient for the enormity of the task we face.

In my last post I mentioned how the BRM could get through the “straightforward” issues by discussing them quickly in batches. Following feedback on this, and further thought, I am tending towards a more radical plan: not discussing these “easy” issues at all, but instead deferring them to ballot papers that NB delegations can complete “off line” so that valuable session time is not consumed considering missing commas and the like. This leaves the sessions clear to discuss more important matters.

And what are these important matters? Well, that is a question only the NBs can answer — and to that end SC 34 has issued a request for NBs to submit a shortlist of the comments/responses that they would most like to discuss. These shortlists will be used for more detailed planning of the sessions, helping to ensure that we get the broadest coverage we can of the most important issues, in the limited time we have ...
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